Making Your Space Bigger On A Budget

Big city living is a dream for most but those who have made it a reality know that big city living is expensive. From the cost of living to the rent, you need to make the most of your money. That being said, today we have some tips that will help you can use to make your limited living space seem much bigger, and better yet, how you can do it on a budget. Link here to gain ideas about interior fit out companies in Dubai.

Push it against the wall

Ask an interior design consultant and they will tell you, space is an illusion and their advice is that if you want to make it seem like you have a lot of it, you have to show floor space. By having a lot of items around your space, you will simply clutter it up but by pushing it against the wall, you not only hide the wall but you also make room to move about. But remember not to cover up any windows or that will make the room dark and this will make the room seem smaller.

Paint is bae

As said before space is an illusion and a great way to create this is by playing with light. Any room has a certain amount of natural and artificial light and you must make the most of it. Anyone with an interest in interior architecture will tell you that by painting your walls in a light colour, you will allow the light in the room to be enhanced and seem bigger. Normally people think white when they think space, but in reality, white gives off a cold and stark vibe but if you go for an off-white shade, you can get the same effects of the white walls but with a warm element.

To the windows

Light is the key in making a space seem bigger and while you can use artificial light to get the same effect, there is nothing like natural light. Other than the actual health benefits of having fresh sunlight, it will also save you money on electricity. One mistake people make is that they ignore the fact that their windows are a great conduit for light. So, my advice is clean your windows. You would think this is a silly tip but the difference which can be made with a clean window is astonishing.

So, if you were thinking of making some changes to your apartment, hopefully our tips will help you not only spruce up the place but also make it look bigger.

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